About Tech Slayers

America's Cyber Experts

100% Veteran-owned Tech School and Services company. We exist to support the veteran community, helping them attain high paying jobs in the tech field.

We are on a mission to transform the veteran community. You served our country, now let us serve you.

It is our distinct honor to educate, develop, and assist all Veterans who are transitioning to a civilian live. A portion of every dollar goes to that mission

There is no doubt the veteran community needs your support for job placement. With the assistance of our nonprofit partners we are bringing huge changes to the job training and placement industries. We encourage you to donate to The Archangels 501c3 and get tax credit for supporting our mission.

Let's do technology Together.

Brandon Shake – CEO of Tech Slayers

How experienced is our team?

We are a small highly motivated team with some of the most qualified experts out there. We as a team built our courses to benefit our students on the highest level. This industry needs more people we are here to help you succeed in your career. Our team has security clearances and have certifications not just from CompTIA but also in: CISCO, AWS, RED HAT, ISACA, EC Council, Kubernetes, Linux, VMware, (ISC)2. with expertise in Dev-ops, cloud computing, and much more. With current and innovative experience in the industry not just years keeping a seat warm.

Our History

This journey was started when the Chairman got his first cyber-security job. He quickly learned how lucrative, challenging and rewarding this industry is as a whole. When his fellow soldiers expressed how difficult finding fair wage was he came up with the solution. We are building a reliable, tangible resources for people to earn their own way with the Information Technology industry.

Our roots are in the army, just like yours


located in arizona

Our boot camp is located in the sunny state of Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona has been shown to have a 40% higher tech job growth rate than the overall US. Since the start of 2019, Arizona has added over 2,600 tech jobs, seeing a 5.1% in wage growth, and an average annual salary of over $80,000.

Not a Vet?

Welcome to the 2020 Gold Rush! There are so many tech jobs available and the industry is growing so fast that if in the next 3 years every veteran transitioned into the tech industry there would still be a massive need for more IT professionals. This is an exciting industry with many paths and specialties.

Tech Slayers training is designed to give every student the greatest advantage possible and the best tech training experience in the industry! There are major advantages that Veterans have in specific areas of the tech industry. 

For example, security clearance and government related tech jobs. New to tech? Tired of being turned away by tech schools you want to attend? Your new career is only a few short weeks away. What are you waiting for click that button to get started!