Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! We Encourage everyone interested in a tech career to call and apply! This industry is just begging for people to help it grow are you up for the task?

Absolutely! And to be clear! You are responsible for your own success. We give you every resource and advantage that we possibly can! Even if we secure priority hiring for our students it is still up to you, to be the professional that organization is craving!

Our only requirement is excellent attitude and relentless work ethic! These courses are designed with you in mind and we will rocket you forward in a very short amount of time. Make sure you bring your A game you will find if you’re passionate and inquisitive the learning process will be an amazing experience!

Some helpful secondary prerequisites are:

  • 1-3 years of IT or development experience
  • Basic networking and application concepts
  • Familiarity with common operating systems and command line for Windows, Linux
  • Bachelors or Masters in computer science or information systems
  • No matter what your skill level we have a course for you!

98% Of graduates from courses similar industry wide are about 6 months. The difference here is we don’t get paid until you get paid! Graduates typically experience:

  • Yearly salary increase of 63%.
  • On average you will get your first high Paying Job in under 3 months.
  • First year graduates will make an average $62,200.


Tech Slayers was founded by Veterans for starters. There are major advantages that Veterans have in specific areas of the tech industry. For example, security clearance and government related tech jobs. This one industry where you have the upper hand because of your service.

No, while there are ways for us to do so, we believe that it would be unethical. You lose roughly 6 months of entitlement to get the credentials you need. There are other schools taking G.I. Bill benefits to pay for their boot-camps and we question their integrity. There are much better financial options available, schedule a call with us to find out what will best serve you.

The certifications value is extensive which is what brings you here, most bootcamps are a series of videos and death by powerpoint for your much need certificate and a pat on the back! With Tech Slayers you get:

  • 100% no additional cost training for super valuable skills in additional boot-camps and workshops with certificate(s) of completion, just schedule yourself because they go fast.
  • Multiple certifications for our ISA programs that are industry recognized.
  • Resume building assistance.
  • The most hands on employment relevant training you have ever had! 
  • Preferred entry into Tech Slayers events and fundraisers.
  • Our courses weren’t built by one person all of our courses and training is a collaborative effort guided by 100% vendor approved standards. You learn it right the first time!
  • We offer so much more that only Graduates get to find out.  
  • A portion of every dollar going to veterans in need.

If you’re new to the industry, we recommend scheduling a call so we can help you navigate the best course of action. We offer packages with multiple boot camps and certifications to ensure that you’ll be an attractive job candidate for industry recruiters.

Jobs in the tech industry are comprised of 3 important areas in order to advance. Experience, four year degrees and certifications. Certifications are a great way to show employers you have exactly the right skills they are looking for.

We have been where you are, we know that getting a sec+ in one week is difficult. We also have the solution. We built our courses with only vendor approved curriculum and built our courses not to just get you through power-point slides and books but to give you confidence in your new career!

We take credit and debit cards, wire transfers and ACH. You can also use traditional financing through your bank or schedule a call with us to learn about our Income Share Agreements so you can pay for your tuition only after you get a high paying job.

For class details and dates please use the link below to schedule a call with a Career Counselor.

Even if someone does not start with boot-camps most will seek them out when it’s time to advance in their career. Even industry experts rely on tech boot-camps as an efficient way to learn new skills and get promotions.

Enroll in a course and you will get everything you need. studying 3rd party materials will likely make it difficult to get through the certifications on your own we only use 100% approved standards and curriculum. Look no further then Tech Slayers.

After you have committed to our program these are the next steps:

  1. Confirmation and instructor introduction. You will recieve an email within 24-48 hours confirming your enrollment, class dates, and all information you need in order to succeed!
  2. You will get some study material to complete prior to attendance we will give you some must know material prior to attendance and an evaluation in order to identify each students specific needs. (A simple entry exam will be required on the materials provided, a pass is required to attend)
  3. You show up, study hard and walk away with the confidence of a real Tech Slayer having the skills and credentials you need to crush your goals in your new career.. 

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Not a Vet?

Welcome to the 2020 Gold Rush! There are so many tech jobs available and the industry is growing so fast that if in the next 3 years every veteran transitioned into the tech industry there would still be a massive need for more IT professionals. This is an exciting industry with many paths and specialties.

Tech Slayers training is designed to give every student the greatest advantage possible and the best tech training experience in the industry! There are major advantages that Veterans have in specific areas of the tech industry. 

For example, security clearance and government related tech jobs. New to tech? Tired of being turned away by tech schools you want to attend? Your new career is only a few short weeks away. What are you waiting for click that button to get started!