Don't pay tuition till you're employed with a $50k+ Job

Now offering Income Share Agreements for the Tech Slayers Boot camps. We make it as easy as possible for you to secure the job of your dreams. Do you really want to wait any longer?

What is an income share agreement? (ISA)

Income Share Agreements are a financial structure that works for you. In a nutshell, it means that we cover your tuition for Tech Slayer’s Education until you secure a high-paying job in the tech industry. The best part is it’s easy to qualify, there is no interest or hard credit check. We try our best to make sure you truly are the maker of your own success!

We won’t charge you any tuition until we’ve trained you and helped you secure a job. After that, pay a small percentage (%) of your monthly income. That means no interest, a set number of payments, and the flexibility every student deserves. Find out if you qualify today!

How ISA's Work



Apply, talk to one of our enrollment officers, and secure your spot in Tech Slayers. Simply complete your ISA application, submit your deposit, and begin your training!



Begin your journey at Tech Slayers and learn from our top-notch instructors, make friends with the other students with you, and start the process of finding a job


Get Employed

Once we help you find a job making an average $50,000 a year, start paying back your tuition by paying Tech Slayers only 10% of your monthly income.

So why do we offer ISA's?

Make our boot camp more accessible to all

Income Share Agreements let us offer our program to a wider number of students who might not be financially capable to enroll now.

Get better & Brighter Students in our class

By making our classes more affordable, we can expand our reach even further to find the students that will excel, enriching your experience studying at Tech Slayers

To make the process easier for you

We want you to have confidence in starting  a career in tech. It starts with getting your foot in the door, which is where ISA’s come in.

Get on a call with one of our enrollment officers today to see how ISA's can get you in.

Not a Vet?

Welcome to the 2020 Gold Rush! There are so many tech jobs available and the industry is growing so fast that if in the next 3 years every veteran transitioned into the tech industry there would still be a massive need for more IT professionals. This is an exciting industry with many paths and specialties.

Tech Slayers training is designed to give every student the greatest advantage possible and the best tech training experience in the industry! There are major advantages that Veterans have in specific areas of the tech industry. 

For example, security clearance and government related tech jobs. New to tech? Tired of being turned away by tech schools you want to attend? Your new career is only a few short weeks away. What are you waiting for click that button to get started!