The opportunity at hand.

Learn exactly why its crucial for you to take advantage of the changes in the cyber security industry to secure high-paying jobs in tech that will change your life for the better.

You must be wondering…

Is there really opportunity in the tech industry?

Why yes, yes there is! Did you know that since 2010-2014, job postings for cyber security roles have increased by 91%? That’s compared to 28% for ALL Informational Tech positions.

Currently, 84% of cyber-security positions call for a bachelors degree (don’t let this scare you), more and more employers are now turning to alternative tech education methods such as boot camps (like Tech Slayers) and trade schools to meet their hiring needs. In fact many of our partners prefer the certifications and the whole most current information approach! So far many of our students have already received a four year degree.

Many of these certifications require Government clearances that most civilians don't have access to, which gives you the upper hand.

What the hottest Tech jobs in the industry are paying:

According to US News & World Report, Information Security Analyst was ranked as the #8 best job in technology in 2015, making an average wage of $90,120.

It’s important to keep in mind that when moving up the career ladder in security, salary ranges will rise. The average 2016 U.S. security professional salary ranges are as follows:

So, what about qualifications?

In this industry, many entry level jobs start out at more than $50,000 a year. However, the picture changes when industry certifications and experience come into play!

For many companies, certifications and experience alone will open many doors others don’t have access to. These let the employers know you have certain skill sets and abilities that other applicants just don’t have.

Keep in mind – many jobs hire based on experience and knowledge alone!

The problem with a traditional degree from a university...

Did you know universities on average charge $41,992 for an introductory Computer Science Bachelor’s degree?

And did you also know that many IT professionals and experts are actually self-taught?

Many of the highest paid professionals obtained a vendor certificate for their specialty, rather than going the traditional degree route.

Worst part is, most of those with degrees ALSO had to take further. certification training on TOP of their degree to be considered for jobs!

And What About Bootcamps like Tech Slayers?

The average cost for an IT boot camps is around $5,000. That’s fractions of what universities charge, and in turn you’re getting targeted and specialized education directly for the industry you want to enter.

Many emerging experts and professionals got their start with some basic boot camp courses!

What does the future look like?

Cyber security is very obviously a job sector of the future.

Official estimates put job growth in the sector at 37% per year at least through 2022 – and that is probably conservative.

At the start of this year there were an estimated half million cyber security jobs unfilled in the U.S. alone.

Even entry-level pay is about $10,000 better than the national median salary, and those who reach the C suite are getting into the $500,000 range.

Forbes, 2018

What are you waiting for?

A new life awaits you in the cyber-security industry.

Rather than having to take the traditional route of university as others had to, you have the unique opportunity of securing your place in the industry through our specialized boot camp, Tech Slayers.

Are you ready for a new career yet?

Not a Vet?

Welcome to the 2020 Gold Rush! There are so many tech jobs available and the industry is growing so fast that if in the next 3 years every veteran transitioned into the tech industry there would still be a massive need for more IT professionals. This is an exciting industry with many paths and specialties.

Tech Slayers training is designed to give every student the greatest advantage possible and the best tech training experience in the industry! There are major advantages that Veterans have in specific areas of the tech industry. 

For example, security clearance and government related tech jobs. New to tech? Tired of being turned away by tech schools you want to attend? Your new career is only a few short weeks away. What are you waiting for click that button to get started!